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Krishnatheeram ayur holy beach resort,
North Cliff, Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala,
Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala, India – 695 141

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Dining at the Krishnatheeram

Pathyam Ayurvedic Restaurant

Ayurveda divides food into six tastes that influences the three doshas and there by influence our overall sense of satiation and well being. The six tastes are sweet ,sour ,salty , bitter ,pungent ,and astringent; but many have combinations of two ,three or more tastes, like Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Ayurveda believes in this six taste theory that is shad Rasa. So its recommended that all six tastes be included in each meal; when they are , it will help in fulfilling the Dosha imbalance ,But a little of each taste is well enough to satisfy and balanceus; Although its important to have the six tastes at every meal, don’t be over concern as it should be a goal, not a rule. As you learn to listen your body , you will start to be tuned, you may not be eating foods you typically would ,but it is those familiar foods that may have been make your dosha out of balance that comes from changing your ingrained eating habits.

Vata pacified by sweat sour salty tastes
Pitta pacified by sweet , bitter , and astringent tastes
Kapha is pacified by pungent ,bitter , and astringent tastes.

We provide contemporary cuisines focusing on the concept of a healthy diet that are fresh, organic, and biodynamic. We emphasize on the concept of an individual menu screened by the doctors for balancing the constitution of an individual. We promise premium fresh ingredients retaining its natural goodness, taste and flavour in all our diets.Absolutely pathyam Ayurveda Restaurant is a place for you to be Balanced.

Prakrithi – Roof Top Restaurant

The ‘Prakrithi’ roof top restaurant offers a visual feast of panoramic views of Arabian Sea, with a wide array of fresh food & beverage, to please every member of your group, which makes your dining experience memorable.

Yogam – Mini Conference Hall

Our ‘Yogam’ mini conference hall on the roof top having a mind blowing sea view with capacity of 50 pax in class room style is traditionally built with thatching roof.

Beautiful location with pool and quick to access black beach (5 min walk) or 10-15min walk along the cliff edge passed lots of shops, restaurants and cafes to north cliff beach. The hotel restaurant Kokosnoot is well worth a visit on the evenings as the food was some of the tastiest we ate in India!

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