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Krishnatheeram ayur holy beach resort,
North Cliff, Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala,
Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala, India – 695 141

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Non infectious inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by well defined erythematous plaques with large adherent silvery scales. Skin diseases (Kushta)present three groups of symptoms. Dryness of skin, roughness of skin, cracking , dead tissues , scales and sensory changes ( symptoms of factor Vatha affecting skin and other tissues). Rredness, inflammation, blisters, tenderness and suppuration(symptoms of factor pitha affecting skin and other tissues).Oozing, discharges, itching, swelling, thickening and structural changes (symptoms of factor kapha affecting skin and other tissues).Tridosha are involved in skin disorders of any type. They make the disease for its chronicity and periodicity.

Psoriasis in Ayurveda

  • Vatha kapha dominant Kushta
  • Sidhma
  • kakushta
  • Kitibha

The symptoms depends on the Dhathu in which Dosha is accumulated

Symptoms for various types of kushta

  • Psoriasis Vulgaris– Pustules with Dryness inside, reddish colour, usually found on upper part of the body (mainly on head). This is similar to Sidhma Exfoliative Psoriasis – Absence of swet and scaling all over body just like fishy scales. This symptom you can find in Eka Kustam.
  • Pustular Psoriasis. – easily spreading with so many pustules and itching just like Athasi flower. It is similar with Dadru- Kapha Pithaja
  • Plantar Psoriasis – It’s mainly found on hands and foot. Pain and itching are the main symptoms. similar with Vipadika
  • Gyric Psoriasis – Pustules found all over the body with white & red colours. New pustules comes over the old one. Itching and blackish colouration indicates it’s similarity with Mandala Kusta

Avoid all diets causing plaques or obstruction in the vessels Srothorodha
Regular practice of diets bringing cleansing of channels and vessels or detoxification
No incompatible foods
No heavy foods difficult to digest
No more Stress and Strain.
Psoriasis is too NOTORIUS for Remission and Relapse.
Hence Treat regularly and Systematically.

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